Sterling Silver Color Changing Diaspore Zultanite Ring


  • Sterling Silver 925
  • Zultanite  Diaspore color-changing stone
  • High-quality CZ stones surround the center stone and 1/2 of the sides
  • Size 8

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A+++ Rare 100% Color Change Turkish Diaspore 925 Sterling Silver Women’s Ring.

The color changes according to the light on the surrounding environment. It is glowing pink in the daylight and green under artificial lights. and it takes other colors between pink and green depending on the intensity of ambient light.

Turkish Diaspore is the most exciting new gemstone of the new millennium for many reasons. First faceted in the late seventies, Turkish Diaspore is an extremely rare gemstone that despite its beauty and suitability for jewelry was previously plagued by scant availability. There is only one mine producing genuine Turkish Diaspore, unlike other rare gems that are currently mined by many companies or in many countries. Turkish Diaspore is only mined at a remote location in the Anatolian mountains of Turkey directly from the host rock at an altitude exceeding 1000 meters.
The Turkish deposit remains the world’s only source of Turkish Diaspore (color-change, gem-quality diaspore).

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